YPG: Turkish troops repulsed from Afrin

In a statement on recent clashes in the province of Afrin, in western Kurdistan, People's Defense Units (YPG) Command said that Turkish soldiers attacked the village of Mele Xelîl in Afrin late Wednesday.

YPG Command pointed out that the attacks armed groups have launched against Afrin since May 25 are aimed at breaking the will of the Kurdish people, remarking that the people in the region have however displayed a strong resistance against the attacks targeting them.

YPG said that “The armed groups which first attacked our forces in the villages of Aqîn, Basil and Zarat increased in number as of June 10 when they attacked Meresk and Kefer Mezê villages. The armed groups were strongly responded and defeated by our forces”.

The Command remarked that YPG has strengthened its control as armed groups had to withdraw from the region after the clashes one day later.

Many members of the armed groups were killed and wounded in the last three days, said the Command and noted that three YPG fighters also lost their life in clashes.

Referring to the attacks by the Turkish army, YPG said “Troops of the Turkish military launched an attack against the village of Mele Xelîl in Afrin's Cindêris district late Wednesday in support of the armed groups targeting the region of Afrin. YPG said Turkish soldiers were repulsed from the region as a result of the response by YPG units.

YPG Command called on the Turkish army to avoid getting close to the region of Afrin.