KCK halts withdrawal, ceasefire continues -FLASH

Kurdish Communities Union (KCK) Executive Council Presidency has said in a written statement on Monday, September 9, that the withdrawal of Kurdish guerrillas from northern to southern Kurdistan has been halted because of the Turkish government's failure to take steps for democratization and a solution of the Kurdish question.

KCK remarked that the truce they announced on 23 March would remain in force, underlining that this meant giving the AKP government chance to take action in line with the project of Kurdish leader Abdullah Öcalan.

KCK pointed out that AKP government's irresponsible approach towards the process was the reason for the ending of the withdrawal for it treated the negotiation process as a chance to win the elections ahead, attached no importance to the achievement of a non-conflict environment and the withdrawal and didn't answer the efforts of the Kurdish movement.

KCK underlined that the Kurdish movement has taken these steps because it believed in the brotherhood of peoples and a democratic solution to the Kurdish question.KCK said the AKP government displayed an irresponsible attitude towards the process by giving no answer to the steps of the Kurdish liberation movement.

KCK called attention in particular to the increased construction of new military posts and dams in the Kurdish region after the achievement of a non-conflict environment, saying that this meant the government focused on war but not a peaceful solution.

KCK reminded that the government has also failed to ensure the release of KCK detainees and the abolishment of the anti-terror law with an aim to ensure democratization in Turkey and politics.

KCK also criticized the government for not asking Kurds' opinion while working on the democracy package which is expected to be announced soon.

Also referring to the government's attitude towards mother language issue, KCK said this was an evidence of the fact that the Turkish government had no intention to answer the basic demand of the Kurdish people to receive education in their mother tongue.

"Our movement believes in the democratization project presented by leader Apo (Öcalan) on the Newroz Day ( Kurdish New Year). This is the only way to establish brotherhood among peoples living in Turkey, to resolve the Kurdish issue and to create a democratic Union of the Middle East. The suspension of the withdrawal is aimed at pushing the government to take the project seriously and to do what is needed", KCK said.

KCK ended its statement by calling on the Kurdish people and their democracy powers to enhance their struggle in order to urge the AKP government to abandon its irresponsible attitude and to take steps for the achievement of democracy and a solution to the Kurdish issue. KCK added that this would lead the historic step of Öcalan to achievement.