Another wall of shame built on Efrin border

The construction of walls of shame on Turkey's border with Rojava, Western Kurdistan, have been restarted following the suspension of the constructions for some one and a half month after Nusaybin Mayor Ayşe Gökkan's hunger strike against the wall between Nusaybin and Qamishlo.

According to the reports obtained, Turkey has started to build yet another wall on its border with the Şilteht village of Şera town of the Efrin city.

Turkey started the construction of the first wall of shame between Serêkaniyê and Ceylanpınar (Serêkaniya Serxet) during the second week of October, and this was followed by the construction of other walls between Efrin and Kilis, Qamishlo and Nusaybin, and between Şenyurt and Dirbesiyê on 23 October.