Another deadly day in Syria

A footage sent to the Syrian Observatory for Humsan Rights shows several regular soldiers burnt alive in an armoured vehicle after jihadists from al-Nusra front and some rebel battalions targeted it in Tariq Halab of Hama city.

In Homs province violent clashes are taking place in the Homs city between regular and rebel forces in the outskirts of the Wadi al-Seih and Jouret al-Shayah neighbourhoods, along with bombardment by regular forces that have been trying to take hold of the area. Areas in the al-Sakhna town of eastern Reef Homs, that are under the control of al-Islam battalion, were bombarded yesterday by regular forces. The villages of al-Tiba and al-Koum were subject to aerial bombardment which led to the death of 1 civilian and the injury of 12 others. The al-Basatin area of Palmyra city was bombarded. At least 4 security forces were killed by an ambush on the Homs-Palmyra road.